Center Of Excellence

As a Center Of Excellence, we are committed to empower businesses with value-driven consulting and growth strategies.

Break down your money goals.

Financial Wellness

We assist you prepare for unplanned financial risks through benefit experiences that help build, protect & maintain financial wellness.


Helping you achieve more money via money itself by building customized investment portfolios.


Improve your insurance offerings with a winning combination of consultative professional support and results-driven solutions.

Who we are?

A team that you can trust with your Business.

We are WisdomXtra

We are your Quantum Leap

We are your change after a breakthrough

Who we serve.


You’re brimming with energy while building up your career. This is the apt time to begin with your financial journey & prepare for life’s crucial moments.

Pre-Retirement and Retirees

You’ve sincerely worked throughout your career while contributing your best. Now is the time you think of reaping it’s benefits and planning the next stage of your life.

Beneficiaries & Heirs

You’re the recipient or benefactor of a generational wealth transfer. Its key is to minimize taxes, friction costs and identify the highest use of gifted capital. 

Our Partners